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Classified Ads Submissions
Manual Directory Submission Service

Classified Ads is a great way to attract visitors to your site.

Everyday thousands of people look through Classified Ads websites. While looking through the classified ads they see many other products and services that are being offered.

You can go online and search for free Classified Ads websites and submit the ads yourself. This can take a very long time to find the sites and do the submissions. For a small fee we can do this for you. Our trained staff will submit your product and website to 500 free online classified ad websites.

Here is a typical classified ads website that we submit to ...

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Sample Main Screen
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Sample Catgeory Listing Screen

Special Bonus just for trying our service.

In addition to our staff submitting your website to 500 Classified Ads Websites you will receive 36 ebooks on Internet Marketing all with Master Reseller Rights.

Click Here for details.

Each of these classified ads websites in our submission service will accept your listing and immediately post it. Just like traditional classified ads in the newspaper, these classified ads run for different time frames. A majority of the classified ads websites will run your ad for about 30 days.

When your ad expires, you will be receiving an email giving you the option to renew your ad. It costs nothing to renew your ad.

For a submission fee of only $19.95 you have nothing to lose. Our staff will submit your website to 500 Classified Ads Websites. Thousands of people can see your advertisement and search engines will pick up all the backlinks. Plus the free bonuses make this offer priceless.

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