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Manual Directory Submission Service

Manual Directory Submission Service

Submitting your site to directories is the best way of receiving quality one way backlinks and getting traffic to your site. But finding the correct directories and doing the submissions is not an easy task. Submitting to the wrong directories can do you more harm than good. Even auto submitting to directories can cause your rankings in the search engines to drop. The only way to do this task correctly is by manually submitting to quality directories. Traffic Geek can do the entire submission process for you. We have a list of quality directories that have good traffic and we only submit to directories that match your site's category. Since we manually perform this process, you are assured that this is done correctly.

Manual Submissions

We will manually submit your website to different directories. These directories have good traffic and have Page Ranks from 0 to 5. Your site will only be submitted to directories that match your site's category. We will even let you know what category we selected for each directory.

Multiple Title Names and Descriptions

All of the packages include the use of multiple titles and descriptions at no additional charge. You can specify any number of titles and descriptions. We will then randomly select different combinations when we submit your site to the directories. This allows the search engines to see different text links and descriptions to your site. Very good for SEO.

Full Reporting

After we have completed submitting your site to the directories a full report will be sent to you. This report will include the name of every directory that your site was submitted to. It will even include the directory category name that we selected.

Submission Packages

Based on your budget we have two packages available for our manual directory submission services. They are the Silver and Gold packages. Each package offers the same benefits and features. Only the number of directories is different for each package.

Silver Package $9.95
Manual Submit to 200 Directories

Click Here to order Silver Package

Gold Package $19.95
Manual Submit to 500 Directories

Click Here to order Gold Package

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